My Passion

I look for that special shot, one that shows the moment of excitement, that fleeting look, that cheeky grin or that thumbs up as a rider passes by.

Taking photo's, that's what I enjoy

Most noteworthy is my customer comments

"Anyway martina It was so fun meeting YOU . Loving YOUr passion for photography and the way YOU catch moments is fantastic. Thank YOU for making me smile on that Duke LOVE IT ?"
" By the way these images are fantastic , love your work "

"Thanks John for these amazing pics"

My Experience

I have been a professional photographer for over 4 years and my photography experience includes taking photos of Motorbikes, Charity Rides, Events, Families and the occasional Wedding

My Services

I offer professional quality images, let me know your coming and I will photo you as to pass by

Need images for employee id's and website?

Having an event or need a personal photography session?.
Remove the stress and focus on your friends and family and let me take all the shots for you